Our Mission

"To relieve and prevent homelessness"

The Victorian Homeless Fund (VHF)

The VHF assists the homeless in a number of areas including building and renovating houses.  Partnerships are formed between the VHF, Land Providers, Sponsors, the HIA Foundations and Charitable Organisations working in the housing sector.  As a result houses are built or renovated or other activities are carried out to relieve homelessness. 

The VHF was founded in 1987, the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless, and is an independent charitable organisation; our charter is to work solely in the area of homelessness.  The organisation is managed by a volunteer committee of dedicated people.  The HIA generously provides administrative support and the HIA Foundation assist by sourcing materials and supply from supporters in the industry.  Click here to find out more

The VHF Volunteer Committee

The VHF is managed by a Committee of experienced and highly skilled people:


Funding is sourced from donors, large and small, to support the construction of a new house.

100 % is used directly on our projects.

We aim to achieve $1 in, $1 out!