Graphic about how you can help the Homeless Fund


How You Can Help ?

In order to do this we form partnerships between ourselves and:

  1. Land Suppliers - In the past our land has been supplied by the Victorian Office of Housing but we are happy to discuss working with charitable organizations or Business that can supply land.

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  1. Financial Sponsors – We seek funds from Corporations, Trusts and Individuals. These funds will be used to construct houses for the homeless. Major Sponsors are offered Naming Rights.

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  1. Housing Providers – These are the charitable organisations that manage and offer support to the families living in VHF houses. We have worked with many agencies such as Hanover Welfare, the Salvation Army and The Victorian Women’s Housing Trust.

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  1. Building Companies – Those companies willing to supervise and construct VHF houses.
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  1. Companies willing to donate materials – The HIA Foundation assists the VHF by sourcing materials to be used in the house construction.

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